Projection mapping


In a projection mapping applied to an architectural facade, excerpts from the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights appear in filigree, images of uncanny skies, of deluge and devastation, consequences of climate change.

Immersed in the projection mapping of Flood, the façade radiates with imbricated letters. This alphabetical weave reveals excerpts from the 30 articles of the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, expanded since then to include climate rights, forming the International Bill of Rights. In Flood, text, image, and sound intermingle. Landscapes and soundscapes of migration, deserts, and storms emerge through the configuration of letter arrangements and official declarations. Words are incarnated in atmospheres and scenes structured by the articles of climate-related rights such as access to clean water, the right to asylum and to education, along with the rights to liberty, equality, and freedom of expression. Combining written characters, shadow, light, and voice, the projection fuses with the public space to bear witness to the effects of the overexploitation of the earth, and to attempt to make the world’s current state tangible.

The mapping is created using a generative graphics program written by the artists themselves, in which 3D and textual animation, found-footage shots and recordings, and synthesized voices are orchestrated in an audio-visual experience.


Concept, idea, realization: Martin Kusch and Ruth Schnell
Programming: Johannes Hucek
3D modeling/Animation: Malte Niedringhaus
Image research: Thomas Hochwallner
Soundscape: Alexandre St-onge (version 2023)
Sound collage: Marie-Claude Poulin and Jakob Schauer (version 2022)


Exhibitions / Shows

2024 European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut, Bad Ischl / AT

2023 Lichtstadt Feldkirch, Feldkirch / AT

2022 Spotlight Festival, Feldkirch / AT