Le corps techn(o)rganique

performance/installation interactive


Spectators, performers and multiple technological devices interact in an open space, a play area punctuated by mobile screen structures whose constant reconfiguration causes spectators to move.

In recombinant, the spectators enter an open space where they can circulate freely like visitors to an installation. The performers are already in interaction with images and sounds, which they alter by means of sensors. They then manipulate four mobile projection surfaces – curved and angular, opaque and translucid – , constantly reconfiguring the performance space. Their manipulations cause a set of changing architectural constructions to appear, calling on the spectators to change position.

As they move, the audience members access multiple points of view, transparencies, and layers of images and sounds. The performers’ bodies multiply, reflected not only in the mechanical, but also in the media extensions. They become the pivots of a time-organizing machine and take part in setting in place an auto-poiëtic system. What stood out in the creation of this piece in artistic terms was the particular attention given to the perpetual reconfiguration of the performance space in relation to the spectators’ movements and changing positions. This switching back and forth between shifting positions and the physical cohabitation of the performers and the spectators provided an occasion for what may be termed crowd sociology/choreography.


Conception et direction artistique: Martin Kusch et Marie-Claude Poulin
Travail chorégraphique: Marie-Claude Poulin
Environnement média: Martin Kusch
Environnement sonore: Alexandre St-Onge
Installation: Martin Kusch in collaboration with Louis-Philippe St-Arnault
Performance: Catherine Tardif and Martin Bélanger
Programmation: Alexandre Burton
Développement des senseurs: Johan Versteegh and Glenn Silver (Technology Playgroup)

recombinant est une co-production de:

L’institut des nouveaux médias de Banff, Le Centre pour les arts ZKM de Karlsruhe, la Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault, les Maisons de la culture Mercier et Mont-Royal, et l’Agora de la danse à Montréal


Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, Conseil des Arts du Canada, Conseil des Arts de Montréal

Expositions / Spectacles

2006 Maison de la Culture Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal / CA

2006 Agora de la Danse, Montreal / CA

2006 Maison de la Culture Frontenac, Montreal / CA

2005 Particules festival, Geneva / CH

2005 Mois Multi, Méduse, Quebec City / CA

2004 Transcodex festival, Genoa / IT

2004 ZKM, Karlsruhe / DE

2003 Maison de la Culture Mont-Royal, Montreal / CA

2003 Frame festival, Porto / PT