fulldome installation


Immersive and site-specific fulldome installation showing a journey through a laser-scanned topographical survey of Kepler’s gardens on the JKU campus, oscillating between urban pollution and phantasmagoria.

The immersive installation site-inflexion invites visitors to take part in a site-specific virtual and acoustic journey. The scenery and soundscapes of the JKU campus are the main actors in the work, alluding to Johannes Kepler’s activity as a landscape mathematician. A laser-scanned topographic survey of Kepler’s gardens becomes an audio-visual environment transfigured by the everyday sounds that inhabit them. Oscillating between urban pollution and phantasmagoria, structures and lawns bend and curve under the effect of sound waves, reaching their inflection point by tipping towards the unknown. In site-inflexion, acoustic parameters manifest in visual distortions, allowing users to experience the spatiality of sound through a multisensory perception of our (urban) environment. A tangible 360° composition that reveals the inextricable interconnectedness of space and sound.


Artistic direction: Martin Kusch (kondition pluriel)
Image Realization & Post-Production: Marian Essel, Jakob Hütter, Johannes Hucek
Sound: Jakob Schauer, Marie-Claude Poulin
Scientific Consulting & Technical Simulation: Alexander Humer, Andreas Brandl and Astrid Pechstein Laserscanning: Branislav Rudic

site-inflexion is part of TRANSFORM, a collaboration project between the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Johannes Kepler University, Linz and Danube University, Krems.

A project by:

Department of DIGITAL ARTS, University of Applied Arts, Vienna in collaboration with Institute of Technical Mechanics, Johannes Kepler University, Linz

Funded by:

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research (bmbwf)

Exhibitions / Shows

2022 Spot On MozART, Salzburg / AT

2021 DomeFestWest, Los Angeles / USA

2021 Dome Under Festival, Planetarium Melbourne / AU

2021 Fulldome Festival Jena, Zeiss Planetarium Jena / DE

2021 Fulldome UK Festival, Market Hall, Plymouth / UK

2020 Ars Electronica Festival 2020, In Kepler’s Garden, JKU Campus Linz / AT