Swarming Lounge - site specific mixed-reality installation-performance

In the frame of:
CIVA Festival 2022
Durational performance and exhibition
February 18, 2022
11:30h - 14:00h
15:30h - 19:00h
19:30h - 22:00h
Eventspace, Belvedere 21
Vienna (AT)  

Artist Talk - Marie-Claude Poulin

Drafting scores for bodies and electronic media
January 20, 2022 (14h-15:30h)
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Vienna (AT)
Live via ZOOM
Link at:

At Play - interactive audiovisual installation

In the frame of:
CULTURER - Culture Trois-Rivères
December 4, 2021 - February 13, 2022 (12h-17h)
Espace Pauline-Julien
Trois-Rivères (CA)

kondition pluriel is known for its research, development and creation activities in the fields of contemporary dance, performative installations and interactive environments. The group’s creations and the theoretical debate generated by its performances have made it a reference in the field that combines live arts and media arts. Based in Montreal, the group produces performances and installations presented in galleries, public spaces, museums and theatres around the world.