The interactive installation ‘Mozart real-time Quintett’ at Spot On MozART

Spot On MozART

October 13-14, 2022

Mozarteum, Salzburg, AT

Fulldome Screening: ‘Liminal Spaces‘, ‘Future Room‘ and ‘site-inflexion‘ at Spot On MozART

Spot On MozART

October 13-14, 2022

Mozarteum, Salzburg, AT

‘Flood’ at Spotlight

The facade of the listed building known as the Old Dogana in Feldkirch, Austria, is part of the dynamic projection mapping "Flood", whose visual basis is the text volume of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" adopted in 1948. (Martin Kusch and Ruth Schnell)


October 5-8, 2022

Alte Dogana, Neustadt 37, Feldkirch, AT

Inner Voices

virtual reality film


An empathetic virtual reality encounter with a woman’s delirium. Perception games and optical illusions. 3D landscapes subject to perpetual change by female voices.

Inner Voices draws directly upon the artistic material previously produced for the previous work, Intérieur. The absence of the performers is here materialized by matching the spatialization of their voices with the movement of the 3D images. Encounter with a woman’s delirium through intensified sight and sound, the film is inspired by David Lynch and Sarah Kane’s atmospheres.
Inner Voices is specifically designed for an immersive environment. Likely to producekinesthetic sensations in the spectator, this type of environment offers an impressive dramatic potential. The feeling of immersion can be described as a physical, sensorial, and emotional experience in which the participant has the strong illusion of being an integral part of the image, which is often constructed according to trompe-l’oeil principles. Thanks to digital tools, contemporary trompel’oeil can be more pervasive and can alter perception in general, not only vision. By the use of 3D imagery, the human voice, and sound spatialization, trompe-l’oeil becomes trompe-sens.


Artistic direction: Martin Kusch and Marie-Claude Poulin
Voice performance: Marie-Claude Poulin and Emma Waltraud Howes
Images: Malte Niedringhaus, Franz Schubert and Martin Kusch
Sound composition: Alexandre St-Onge
Image and sound editing: Martin Kusch


Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], Montreal

With the support of:

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts,
Conseil des Arts de Montréal

Exhibitions / Shows

2020 Ars Electronica Festival 2020, in Kepler’s Garden, JKU Campus Linz, AT

2019 Openings Festival, Vienna / AT

2019 Glowing Globe festival, Rijeka / HR

2014 National Museum of Contemporary Art,  Athens / GR

2014 Planetarium de Nantes, Nantes / FR

2013 Kaluga Media Arts Festival, Kaluga Planetarium, Kaluga / RU

2014 Thinktank Birmingham, Birmingham / UK

2014 ContentArt festival, Karlsplatz, Vienna / AT

2014 SATfest, Society for Arts and Technology, Montreal / CA

2012 FULLDOME Festival UK, Leicester / UK

2012 Domefest Jena, Jena / DE

2012 SATfest, Society for Arts and Technology, Montreal / CA

2012 New Currents festival Santa Fe, New Mexico / USA