kondition pluriel

Marie-Claude Poulin and Martin Kusch
kondition pluriel is known for its research, development and creation activities in the fields of contemporary dance, performative installations and interactive environments. The group’s creations and the theoretical debate generated by its performances have made it a reference in the field that combines live arts and media arts. Based in Montréal, the group produces performances and installations presented in galleries, public spaces, museums and theatres around the world.

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AIL x Sound:Frame Conference- Navigating the Postdigital
Conference: January 16, 2020 (10h00–20h00)
Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Martin Kusch, Katja Kwastek + Lucie Strecker, Thomas Grill + Arthur Flexer, Margarethe Jahrmann + Stefan Glasauer, Barnaby Steel + Bianka Hofmann
Exhibition: January 15 – 17 (10h00–20h00)
Guided tour & Performance: January 17 (13h30–15h00)
AIL – angewandte innovation laboratory
Franz-Josefs-Kai 3
1010 Vienna, AT


Future Room – video installation
In the frame of:
Understanding - Art & Research
November 7-19, 2019
Yuga Gallery and Rittai-Kobo
Tokyo Univeristy of the Arts
Tokyo, JP

Glowing Globe - Science-Ficition-Art
Symposium: Chair/ Dijana Protic, Speakers / Oliver Grau, Wolf Lieser, Lea Vene, Martin Kusch
November 14, 2019 (14h00 - 19h00)
Rijeka, HR

Inner Voices - immersive screening
Glowing Globe - Science-Ficition-Art
November 14, 2019 (21h00 - 21h40)
Exhibition: November 13-23, 2019
Rijeka, HR

Future Room - fulldome 360˚installation & Inner Voices - immersive screening
June 25-28, 2019
Angewandte Festival
Vienna, AT

Swarming Tunnel & Diver
Swarming Tunnel is an installation-performance in which visitors are invited to interact with dancer/performers and virtual characters appearing on their smart-phones.
Installation and durational performance with live dancers: June 3- 8, 2019
Tunnel Gric
Zagreb, HR

Swarming Lounge & Diver
May 29, 2019
IX Symposium
Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]
Montreal, CA

Future Room – video installation
In the frame of:
Understanding - Art & Research
April 17-30, 2019
Fowler Museum, UCLA
Los Angeles, USA

Diver - interactive installation for virtual reality head-mounted display
Diver presents multiple subjective points of view captured by the body of an Olympic diver, executing different types of dives. This interactive installation is presented using a virtual reality head-mounted display apparatus that integrates the aesthetic choices of the user.
April 12-26, 2019
Havana Biennale
Ludwig Foundation
Havana, CU