kondition pluriel is known for its research, development and creation activities in the fields of contemporary dance, performative installations and interactive environments. The group’s creations and the theoretical debate generated by its performances have made it a reference in the field that combines live arts and media arts. Based in Montréal, the group produces performances and installations presented in galleries, public spaces, museums and theatres around the world.



At Play - responsive audio-visual installation

presented at ISEA 2016
Preview reception: Mon. 16th May, 5pm - 7pm
Exhibition 17th - 22nd May, 9am - 9pm
Academic 3, City University of Hong Kong
outside upper level of Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall & Room 6214, 6th/Floor

Presented in March 10th - 8th April 2016, Angewandte Innovation Lab (AIL), Vienna, Austria.

At Play is a responsive audio-visual environment that invites visitors to make stacking combinations with plastic storage bins to build the architectural landscape of the installation. Miniature versions of containers that carry goods to world markets, these everyday objects, are playfully moved around by visitors to the exhibition like pieces of an interactive puzzle that has political undertones.



Diver (in progress)

Diver blends the human and technical presence, explores the materiality of media in real time, and offers a participative multi-sensorial experience of a hybrid reality. It deals with systems of control and the human body as a metaphor of that control, with human-machine autonomy, and with the notion of authorship. Capture by the machine, and the analysis and choreography of the data are part of this process.




Premiere: Nov. 25th 2015, Théâtre La Chapelle, Montreal, Canada

In this performance, bodies and objects act as extensions but also as limits, tools, or constraints towards each other. Between soft and hard bodies, between flesh and shell, role-play, sculptural compositions, and poetic evocations operate, intermixing childhood and the wandering of a globalized world in search of reinvention.



E/M/D/L - European Mobile Dome Lab for Artistic Research

E/M/D/L is a two-year European-Canadian research-creation project to build an international exchange network specializing in the creation of new artistic languages and modes of expressions specific to fulldome environments. In the frame of this project, kondition pluriel co-created Liminal Spaces.